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Your Last Server..

Medbase is a 100% cloud-hosted server system. Our trusted platform will power your practice, and the best part is, you can access it from anywhere!


Why Choose Medbase?

Cloud Cloud and more Cloud

Medbase is 100% cloud hosted and controlled, no need for onsite server, all you need is the internet!


Our systems are always online. 99.9% up-time guarantee backed by financial guarantee. 

See our terms and conditions for more information


Feel the full power of the cloud with gigabit internet! 100% SSD Drive performance.

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Your data is safe with us here in Australia. Our security experts have hand crafted our systems to maximize security.

Expandable and UP-GRADABLE

The last server you will ever need…

Medbase is cloud hosted, Australian owned and operated, and Made for Medical.

All systems are designed for regular upgrade and update, meaning you can always have the latest and greatest.

When you partner with Medbase your business can start with 3 users and end up with 500 users, depending on your needs, Medbase is expandable as your business grows.


our system

What You Get

Access From Anywhere

You can access your cloud systems from anywhere. Windows, Mac, iOS or android, you just need internet!

Fixed Price Billing

You pay a flat fee per user, we take care of the rest. Know your monthly bill ahead of time!

Great Support

All support is provided by our parent company Priority Technology. Proven, reliable assistance to have your issue resolved promptly.

Always Updating & Fixing Bugs

Your systems are managed, and always up to date!

Migrate your existing software

Let us handle the migration of your software to our platform.


You pay a flat fee per user, we take care of the rest. Know your monthly bill ahead of time!

Up-time Guaranteed

Take advantage of an always on, server infrastructure.

Made for Medical

Medbase only support medical and health clients in Australia. 


Choose A Plan That Works For You


Onboarding Charges

Each customer onboarded to medbase will be charged an onboarding fee of $1364. This covers tasks such as provisioning servers, migrating data and handling your migration to medbase.


Optional Add-Ons


$30 /user Included advanced/specific technical medbase support
$0.0909 /GB Additional Storage


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A Priority Technology Initiative

Medbase is now powered by Priority Technology. Looking for other solutions for your business? Check out our other services